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Stronger together.


A market leading e-commerce rises from the very foundations of a market leading software and technical support. Focusing on nothing but quality and sustainability, we’ve created our own e-commerce software “e-MOS” over 16 years ago in 2001 and been serving over 150+ different brands ever since.

Our all-in-one e-commerce and CMS (Content Management System) offers an unmatched variety of services with cutting-edge technologies, ranging from responsive layouts to online monitoring, targeting tools, customer support, payments, strong campaign infrastructure and much more.

-99 design studio

Okay. We develop high-end software and complex infrastructures. But what if we told you that a code can be beautiful?

Our partner -99 design studio delivers not only eye-catching solutions but also timeless designs. Awarded and recognized both locally and internationally (Awwwards, FWA, Webby and more), -99 truly makes our work blossom by providing distinctive UX, UI, analytics and more.

Aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability are the keys to perfect designs and unlike many agencies that focus on aesthetics, -99 focuses on all three, therefore offering gorgeous designs that defy time.



Let’s face it, the age we live in runs on data. Every move, every action means data. But more importantly, it’s also about what we make of this data. Without giving it meaning, data is just data and takes up storage on our disks.

Running real-time on holistic data, CoreBI uses extensive sources ranging from APIs to mobile apps, even physical access points and more to collect valuable data about customers. It then uses simple tools to analyze and validate it. The result? Much, MUCH better user data and detailed approaches.

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